Friday, March 30, 2012

Elder Holland, we're ready

In March of 2012 the BBC aired a documentary about Mitt Romney titled "The Mormon Candidate."  The film included an interview conducted by BBC's John Sweeney with  Mormon Apostle Jeffrey Holland. 

During that interview Elder Holland was told there is a "massive gap" between what former Mormons say about the faith and what Elder Holland says.

Elder Holland responded that "we ought to all get together.  That would help." You can view his offer at about 5:00 into this video.

Elder Holland, we agree.

We're openly posting this Blog to kindly ask that you demonstrate you are a man of your word.  We are a group of former Mormons and extended family willing to get together with you at a time and place you announce and have the meeting moderated by responsible members of the media.


  1. Elder Holland, I'm an ex-Mormon, and I'm ready to discuss our differences. Please let me know when and where.

  2. I would love to meet with Holland. I'm ex-Mormon and accept his offer/challenge.

  3. I was a member for 45 years. Seminary graduate, RM, Served in two branch presidencies and two Bishoprics, I was also Elders quorum president and my wife and I were temple patrons for almost ten years on a weekly assignment.

    Left the church five years ago. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with any of the brethren.

  4. Mr. Holland, I am a non-Mormon and I would love to be included in this meeting and discuss with you what your idea of shunning is and how this applies to excluding non-Mormon parents (and other loved ones) from their children's weddings, or more specifically, the one year penalty of having an inclusive civil wedding for all loved ones to share in the joy of such a wonderful day and event in our children's lives. Since you yourself claim Mormons do not shun or condone the practice, surely you can see the problem here. I await your response.

  5. Brother Jeffrey R. Holland, I have questions regarding church doctrine which my bishops and stake presidents were unable to answer. My letter to the First Presidency was sent to my bishop, who referred me to another member. I don't think my questions regarding such things as the nature of God and faith have been adequately answered. With your theological background, I would hope that you could offer some perspective on these issues. If you are willing to meet with us, I would very much look forward to it.

  6. Mr. Holland, I am a Jew who wants to be part of this and see why:

    1. The Mormon church continues to lie about baptizing of dead Jews when it's painfully clear that it still happens, 17 years after the WRITTEN agreement made with the Jews;
    2. Why the Mormon church continues to violate its 11th and 13th Articles of Faith by telling non-Mormons that the only way into heaven is to apostatize from their belief system and become Mormon;
    3. Why people like your "prophet, seer and revelator" continue to lie about certain doctrines you hold dear and use phrases like, "I don't believe we teach that" when in fact you know you do;
    4. Why it is that non-Mormons in Utah are treated as nothing more than potential "investigators" to the faith and if they so no, they're shunned;
    5. Why the lie was perpetrated regarding shunning of people who leave the Mormon church. It happened, it continues to happen and, unfortunately, it will continue to happen BECAUSE YOU SAY IT SHOULD!;
    6. Why you think you should be allowed to violate US law by telling your members to contribute to campaigns like Proposition 8 in California, yet yell "PERSECUTION!" when the truth is revealed to the world. What's worse, you continue to lie about your involvement, even though the proof has been presented to the world;
    7. Why you still contend that polygamy is no longer on the books of Mormon doctrine, yet it still blatantly shows up in D&C 132;
    8. Why your members continually violate the 11th and 13th Articles of Faith when dealing with just about everyone who isn't a Mormon.

    I'm very much of the impression that you didn't expect people to take you up on your offer, but I'm of the impression you're too much a coward, a liar, etc., to follow through on what you said. Also, remember this: you can't say you didn't say that you'd meet with ex-Mormons - the world now KNOWS you did. If you don't, you and your cohorts will be seen as nothing but liars, etc., except to your sheep-like flock.

  7. Mr. Holland, I am also a non-Mormon who was shunned from my eldest daughter's marriage ceremony. I would love the chance to speak to you about this exclusionary, hurtful policy. I urge you to do away with the one-year penalty for couples who choose not to shun parents and others who love them but encourage them to include everyone they love in a civil ceremony before the temple sealing. Please stop insisting that couples shun their non-mormon family and friends during the important family celebration of their marriage. I also wait for your response.

    1. Mr. Holland, I too would like to talk with you about temple weddings and the shunning of loved ones that simply DOES occur, whether you use that term or not. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as Shakespeare would say.
      Why is it necessary to have a 'policy' that shuns non member, unworthy, not old enough, unendowed loved ones from being a vital part of a wedding ceremony; the joining of two people in the 'holy matrimony' that the church constantly promotes?

      If a couple is worthy of a temple recommend, does exercising free agency make them unworthy? I will make a special trip to Utah to have this meeting; the sooner the better. Early May would be awesome!

  8. Mr. Holland, you expressed a desire to know why ex-Mormons consider your church to be a "cult." I am planning to be in Salt Lake City next October (the week after your General Conference) to attend the conference of the Exmormon Foundation (of which I was the founder and first president). I would be happy to meet with you at that time to enlighten you about the reasons so many people (not just ex-Mormons) consider your organization to be a cult. Please contact me at ...

  9. Explain why a bishop and stake president would hide the fact that a lying, adulterous evil man, who was excommunicated because he slept with his 1st wife's sister (behind her back) and with an underage bishop's daughter, and never told this to an innocent virgin (2Nd WIFE) BEFORE SHE MARRIED THE PSYCHOPATH IN THE CHURCH'S CHAPEL!!! (And later to get sealed in the temple). Bet if it was one of their daughter's, she would have known the truth!!! And yes, I divorced him because, once an adulterer, always an adulterer.!!!

  10. Oh, I'd totally meet with Elder Holland. I'm an ex-Mormon. I just recently left the church. In fact, it was roughly a year ago that I gave my letter to my bishop. I would definitely take you up on your offer to sit down and chat with me.

  11. Mr. Holland, I am an ex-Mormon and a returned missionary. I listened to you speak at the MTC. I would love to have the opportunity to sit down and be a part of this, with you. As a woman, and an ex-Mormon, I would love to have you explain to me how I was equal with the priesthood holders, even though anything I did, through the Relief Society or Young Women's Associations, had to be approved by a priesthood holder? I also want you to explain to me, to my face, how my gay friends don't deserve to have the same love and affection and connection in their lives that you and I enjoy? Why would God deprive any of his children of something so basic and needed for our happiness and survival? And why would I want a god in my life who WOULD do that?

  12. I am an RM, BYU law school grad, was local legal counsel to the church, served in a bishopric and on a high council, and was a temple ordinance worker, supervisor and sealer. LDS intervention in Proposition 8 pushed me out of the closet, and the subsequent inevitable questioning finally led me out of the church. I know all the apologists' arguments, the FARMS/Maxwell Institute analyses, the "anti-Mormon" arguments. "I've looked at life from both sides now" and would LOVE to talk face to face with Elder Holland and tell him why it doesn't work for me or countless others anymore.

  13. Sign me up for the chat.

    I'm an Exmormon woman that graduated from seminary, attended BYU, married in the temple, had five children who we took to church every Sunday as well as other activities during the week, obeyed the Word of Wisdom, read the church magazines and all of the scriptures from beginning to end, wore temple garments all day long every day for more than 25 years, attended temple sessions regularly, served as the ward Relief Society President, Young Women's President, Primary President, and several stake callings, etc, etc.

    I'd be happy to share all of reasons our family left church and it was not because we were offended or wanted to sin.

    1. Hi Mom! Sign me up too!

  14. Mr. Holland, I'm a former Mormon woman who was advised against her better judgment to stay married to a man who was gay and had only married me because he believed that if he played straight he would be healed. I would like to speak with you about the hypocrisy of an organisation allegedly dedicated to family encourages situations like this by continuing to deny that homosexuality is a legitimate state of being, forcing LDS gays to hate themselves for no valid reason. I'd also like to ask you how you feel about the suffering of straight spouses and their children when they find out that they weren't really wanted for the right reasons and are just props for gaining salvation.

  15. And another thought -- I'd like you to addressed the two-faced PR strategy of the LDS Church concerning polygamy. Mormons hero-worship Joseph and Emma Smith, sweeping his other wives' sacrifices under the rug. Mormons allege to no longer practise polygamy, but current apostle Dallin H. Oaks is sealed to two women. Your thoughts?

  16. Elder Holland, I would like you to meet with Dr. Peterson and please remind him that the Spencer Lake Horse Skull was a hoax. Then meet with livy111us and direct him or her to remove this youtube video. It makes Dr. Peterson look foolish. Even worse, it misleads LDS members that want evidence and will believe anything from FAIR.

    Elder Holland, maybe you could meet with Larry Echo Hawk, the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs and explain to him why LDS business people are able to manufacture and sell these toys -

    Lemuel (white) before.

    Lemuel (dark skin) after. This happened because he did not choose the right.

    Why would parents want to teach children that dark skin happens to those who sin? How can Larry Echo Hawk work for the American Indian people when his religion still teaches that dark skin happens to evil people?

    Mr. Holland, if you would meet with these people and make a real difference for the better, then I might be willing to meet with you.

    1. Mr. Holland-

      I'll meet with you. I also want to know why the racist Book of Mormon scriptures are still being taught. God did not punish people by turning their skin dark. Here's the link to that LDS toy company:

      Both Laman and Lemuel are shown as white before they sinned and dark afterwards. The third BOM brother Nephi is shown only as white; because he didn't rebel against God.

      Here's the description for the Lemuel action figure:

      "Lemuels example in The Book of Mormon teaches us what happens when we do not choose the right."

      These toys teach children that when we don't "choose the right" God can and will darken our skin as a sign, curse or punishment. How is it that LDS parents and teachers actually purchase these dolls, without realizing how cruel and wrong those LDS beliefs are?

      One of the reviews on the Nephi figure [5 of 5 Stars!] is from a customer in ethnically diverse Brasil. It breaks my heart that any child would be taught this kind of racism. But, it's especially sad, to think of children seeing their own skin color as a curse. We are exporting this Americana Mormon racism all over the world. It's spread anew every time a missionary gives away another Book of Mormon.

  17. Mr. Holland, I would love to sit down and talk with you... Only because I would hope you would listen to what I have to say, and maybe begin to make changes to an organization that has caused countless damage with it's teachings...

    I would have loved to find the answers to my life questions from God's prophets, but they didn't know... The best they could offer was to stay in an abusive relationship... that my pain and suffering and doubt was based on my own sin... I HAD to go outside of the church to find my answers.

    I started reading about healthy relationships, and found that my relationship with the church was incredibly abusive. The church NEVER takes responsibility for the pain they cause, they never apologize for the things they get wrong, and they tell people what to think, feel, and how to live their lives. In the rest of the world, that is considered controlling and abusive, but in the church it is considered normal and "right".

    It nearly killed me to leave. Because of the things leaders from the church have said (and continue to say), I thought I would lose my family and everything that I cared about. I'm glad to say that the church was wrong... Except for the occasional anger at some of the things said by people in the church, I have found a life full of peace, happiness, honesty, and ME. A genuine, real, wonderful ME.

    I admit I am pretty skeptical... that even if you (Mr. Holland) sat down with me, that you would actually care to listen and understand without making up stories and judgments to dismiss me and my experiences... but if you are willing sir, I would be willing to talk.

  18. Brother Apostle Holland, I take you at your word. I do believe you are sincerely ignorant of how the rank and file members of your church treat those who have had their names removed or are otherwise considered "apostate" or excommunicated. Trusting you are a man of your word, not just playing to the media, I would like to discuss with you, if you are willing, your claims of ignorance concerning doctrines I was taught in Priesthood and other official venues. In the lamentable event that you choose not to meet with me, I ask that you accept Richard Packham as my proxy. He has offered his services to you (above). I have met him, and can vouch for his sincerity as well as for his expertise in the issues you wished to discuss with exmormons as well as with issues that exmormons might like to discuss with you. Please accept his offer to present a point of view that many if not most exmormons share. I am Abinadi and can easily be contacted through exmormonforums, with which you should be familiar.

    God bless you,


  19. Does anyone really think that Jeffrey Holland (or any other cult leader, for that matter) actually has any intention of keeping their word and meeting with former members of the church? Evasion is one of the hallmark traits that defines a cult.

    But if he were to talk to Ex-Mormons, I would want a resolution to his contradiction, about not shunning family members who leave the church. How, Mr. Holland, do you reconcile your statement with the questions in the temple recommend interview about not associating or sympathizing with any groups or individuals whose views are contrary to the church?

    My own mother-in-law has been instructed by her bishop (in a recommend interview, no less)that she is to no longer have contact with me. Will you please inform her bishop that it's okay for her to still talk to me (not that I really care to, but it would be nice to know that particular channel of communication is open and available)?

  20. I've lost my family, income, and so on for choosing truth and light, which started with nothing more than a quest to build my already strong testimony. After just a few questions my ward, past Mormon friends (most of my friends) and family turned on me. I have moved three times in my Utah town in hopes the next place I moved I could shed the brand I was given as a dangerous apostate, yet the church's records follow me. It is truly sad to be treated like this after having been a member for 43 years who gave as I calculate it over $120,000.00 dollars to a church based on false claims that I believed, and serving thousands of hours in leadership positions. No one can ever give me back what I have lost. No one can ever repay the depression and anxiety and near destitute situation this left me in. I look back now on things I had issues with where my leaders told me it was my problem yet later it was changed. For instance the several years of believing there was something wrong with me because I was not okay with taking death oath penalties in a temple along side my bride. I had nightmares for years. I never could make peace with how it felt so wrong so I went going for a few years, only to return and learn what most of what had been so horrible had been removed. "Elder" Packard a man who claims to be God's own Apostle's words I will not forgive, and no I am not gay, or President Prophet Monson's comments at the end of conference endorsing it and saying the messages were from God himself. I no longer believe in God. In a way I knew I had to take the bullet and try to remove my kids so their kids will not suffer and be manipulated. "Elder" Holland was always a favorite for me. Yet, as I look at his efforts I'm always reminded of the sacrifice I made to do what was right and let the consequence follow, the price was high, yet the choice of honesty and integrity is always high, and with that in mind I must say that if I can do it then Elder Holland can certainly do it. He clearly knows. He is in a leadership position. Why won't he lead? If not for all of us who have lost our lives and loved one's for his only kids and theirs who will certainly judge him for the lies he endorsed. Yes the church is a cult, read any definition Elder. I would invite a meeting with any church leader to address how truly sad it is that I lost my family, because I stood for truth, and how coming clean and correcting publicly the lies the church endorses could save my now very sad and empty life. I have no god. I have no family. I lost it all because I learned the truth about what I loved and gave all too. And, I'm an ex-Mormon with faith and LDS leader will break ranks so my family will know I'm not an evil apostate who was misled and who lies when I said things like JS used a rock in his hat.

  21. Dear Elder Holland,

    For most of us here the stable door is wide open, and the horse has long ago bolted.

    We know, as you also certainly know, judging from the way you handled the recent interview with the BBC, that the church is built not upon the rock of truth but upon a foundation of shifting sand. The storms are raging now and the house is crumbling from the foundations up. The world sees this, a significant part of the membership sees this, and before long everyone will know it. In a word, the game is up, It is surprising really that it lasted so long.

    What are you going to do about it? Lying for the Lord may be the present policy you feel obliged to follow, but Jeff, which lord are you lying for? Please think about that carefully, and don’t be driven by your institutional fears. You are now becoming an old man, and your legacy to history will soon be set in stone. What will that legacy amount to in a generation or two, when the record becomes even more transparent?

    You have a very special opportunity to follow the truth as we do, and bless future generations by renouncing the mythology of Smithology, while emphasizing the values which are still good within Mormon culture. You want the church to survive? That is going to be the only way it will; that is the stand which someone will have to make in order for it to do so. You have it within your power.

    I believe you could learn much from us, by listening to us, and by reasoning together. This is your moment, when you may alter the course of history by being true to yourself and true to the Truth, which will set us all free. Don’t go down in the annals as just one more scared man who faltered when his moment came.

    You have been the favourite of many of us. Most of us here are not sworn “enemies of the church”. We are merely enemies of lies. As long as the church continues to embrace its lies, there will be people like us to illuminate those lies. And truth will always win in the end.

    Please honour your word, and meet with us. Let us consider what may be done to salvage something worthwhile from these ruins.

    You and I have met, and spoken in the past. My concern for you is genuine.


  22. hey guys i would love to know if you plan to actually take this to elder holland how is he ever to know of your desire unless you let him know send this link to the church and see what happens.xx

  23. What a wonderful invitation.Mr Holland !!

    I am writing to personally accept your genuine documented offer.

    Served a full time Mission 89-91 came home a zone leader.
    Served as ward mission leader and Elders Quorum president.
    I live 50 minutes away from Gatwick airport and hold a valid passport.
    My email address is

    Please organise return tickets to Saltlake and lodgings at your home.
    We have met before I'm looking at a picture of you and I as I write.

    I am an X member and proud to be so.

    The purpose of accepting is so you and I can sit down and discuss our common ground and also the blatant and somewhat fraudulent claims made by you and taught by the 55,000 serving full time missionaries.

    Thanking you in advance


  24. Mr. Holland (you are no "elder" to me),

    I would like to talk with you about Mormonism. For myself, I have been out of the church for as long as I was in it, so my recovery from the indoctrination is fairly complete. Instead, what I am deeply concerned, no, actually PISSED about, is the hold your "church" has on my mother. She still believes your evil lies. Her husband, my father, is a lost cause...his eyes hold the same emptiness as yours, eyes of the devil. But my mother is earnest and good, and because of you and the other evil men in charge, she believes she is inadequate and imperfect. She is deeply unhappy, yet doesn't know why. I do: she has given her life to the fraud you knowingly perpetuate, and it has left her empty and frail. I hate you for this. I have no illusions that you do not know this is what you and the other rulers of this church are doing...this is exactly the design. The subjugation of women is paramount to retaining your misogynistic power, and you gladly and willingly participate. Your lies on BBC and in other places only serve to illuminate the truth. YOU ARE A FRAUD, just like Joseph Smith.

  25. Mr. Holland,
    I am a former member of the LDS (Mormon) church. While I do not consider your church to be a cult, I find much of what goes on disturbing and alienating to people who do not agree fully with your doctrines. I will most likely be moving to Salt Lake in a few months to start a graduate degree at the University of Utah. If you would be willing and able, I would gladly sit down and discuss my concerns with you.

  26. Mr. Holland,

    I am a former Mormon, and I welcome your invitation to meet to discuss differences.

  27. Mr. Holland-I don't know if you can possibly relate to the tremendous sense of betrayal a convert feels when we learn about the mountain of lies knowingly covered up in order to make the church look appealing to those looking for truth. It is a perfect example of the wolf in sheep's clothing. To claim to be Gods mouth piece on earth and yet blatantly lie about the history and origins of the church when it is easily found and documented in your own books and records--keeping your own members from viewing the true history and calling those of us anti-mormon that have the courage to study for the sake of our own integrity is abusive mind control... but how can I completely blame you--you too are a victim of the brainwashing since birth--you too are terrified to face the truth of being bamboozled-and the money and security the church collects from it's weak minded members is a temptation I sure you cannot resist-after all you are just a man living a lie that gives you great wealth-in your quiet alone time you must feel a deep sense of self loathing and shame-the personal loss of integrity must weigh on you heavily. As a convert that has left the church I hope you strive to understand the great anguish the dishonesty of the church brings to so many-the hurt and impact is beyond words.

  28. Happy to chat with you about the pain we felt when going to church and having 3 empty spaces next to us as one by one our children became less active. The pain and guilt we felt was draining and had little support from youth leaders. Happy to talk to you about why for many years we felt disappointed in our children..till we too came to a realisation of the lies and fraud. Now we rejoice in our children's decision and no longer feel diappointed in them and no longer have that a heavy burden of guilt and shame upon us. RM Temple Marriage, High Priest ,members for over 35 yrs.

  29. I too am a non-mormon and would like an honest answer from the LDS church concerning shunning of non-members, when those non-members are family and have been told by the church and other members of the family, who are devout Mormon, that in order for them to be temple worthy they must not affiliate with any individual whose ideas are contrary or oppose those accepted by the LDS church. The family member I speak of is my daughter and she will not speak with me, her Dad, simply because I am not LDS. I have tried repeatedly to reach out to her, love her and be there for her as a father. There is something terribly contradictory with what you have said in the BBC interview and what I am experiencing with my only daughter. Can you please truthfully and honestly answer this question?


  30. Dear Apostle, Prophet, Seer and Revelator Holland, I would love to get together with you and any other Apostles, Prophets, Seers and Revelators to discuss the gap of information between what the mormon church tells its members and the information that is available on the internet. You can email me at

    I was a faithful, tithe-paying, temple-going member for 32 years.

    Nick Humphrey

  31. “They stand against us because we stand in their way.” "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." The split will continue as more and more awaken to their true identity. Truth is my only "leader" now. Who I am makes my actions inevitable.

    A big heart-felt thank you to ex-mos for speaking out.

  32. The comments are interesting to read but I am thinking that no matter what changes Elder Holland and the church would make it still does not make the Church true since Joseph Smith lied about every doctrine that is what is the point? The Church is just another man made institution.

  33. “You stand against us because we stand in your way.” "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." The split will continue as more and more awaken to their true identity. Truth is my only "leader" now. Who I am makes my actions inevitable.
    A big heart-felt thank you to ex-mos for speaking out.

  34. For what it's worth I add my plea here. I was a faithful true believer for almost thirty years and left 16 weeks ago. I was heart-broken when I found out the church was a hoax! Joseph Smith was a fraud! I would love to talk with you.

  35. I'm ready to write my letter to leave the church. I gave everything to the church including two years on a mission to Venezuela where I sold (convinced) hundreds to join. At some point you can't rationalize anymore to believe in the church. I'd love to sit down with Jeff Holland and ask a few questions. It breaks my heart that the church leaders aren't willing to be honest and admit mistakes/errors. I don't get it..

  36. Dear sir
    I am currently still a member, and have been one for 60 years. I have given to the church all that a person can give. Time (my life), money, family, children, talent, you name it. Only to find that the church has been, and is deceiving 7 generations of my family. I am not well, and probably won't live much longer. Before I leave this earth, I'm taking my immediate family out of this church. After that I am going to put as much time, effort and money getting the rest of my family out as I can. I have been used, abused, and lied to all my life by this church. Enough is enough.
    I don't think that any of the men at the top will ever have the courage to do what I have done, face the truth. But I hope that someday one, just one will be man enough to stand up and say "this has got to stop".

  37. I'm a exmormon, and I to would like to talk with Elder Holland. Since my bishop and stake president couldn't answer my questions. I would love to discuss the contradictions in church doctrine, and how they blatantly lie about the history and doctrines. Let me know the time and place, and I am there.

  38. Please tell me why it was ok for Joseph Smith to marry other mens wives for eternity when they were good lds men? Why would God take a man's wife and kids from him for eternity and give them to another when he is completely worthy and faithfull? I would love to discuss polyandry in detail with you. My father said it was ok because God was married to Mary and had sex with her and then gave her to Joseph for time but not eternity in a polyandrous relationship. Is this true?

  39. Yes, I would like to talk with Mr. Holland. I have been an ex-mormon for over 20 years. I would like to know why all the things that I had been taught in my youth was nothing more than folklore! You taught me to not trust in God by believing the Bible to be corrupted. It wasn't until I came to a faith in the TRUE Christ, only then was I able to also accept that it was not me that had the is the LDS Church that was in error.

  40. Elder Holland,

    I understand that the church has recently issued an "official statement" saying that revelation previous prophets had & was practised as doctrine is now overwritten by what the prophets of today teach us. If this is the case then why is it so hard to admit that maybe the prophets taught racist beliefs? Do you really believe that when these racist comments were taught they were revelation from the Lord? I personally do not think the Lord would ever want any of his children harmed!

    Please sign this Apology Elder Holland, it is stating all that previous Prophets taught regarding not allowing the Black Community to receive the Priesthood & the penalties of mixing your seed with the Black community. By today's standards & even the standards of the days in which these principals were taught were very racist and harmful. You have an opportunity to say sorry for some of the wrong doings of leaders of the LDS church. Put aside the power you think the church has given you & use your heart to determine what is right. I know that once upon a time you used to be a good man, I still want to believe that deep down you are!

    Apology can be found at this link...

  41. "They must find it difficult.... those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority" -Gerald Massey

  42. I would welcome the chance of an open discussion with Elder Holland, a memeber for 30 years and just realising how many lies I have been told by church leaders.

  43. As a young, impressionable eighteen year old, I went to BYU where I was seeking at great sacrifice for "an education." You were the president of that university. Many years later, I had the opportunity to return to graduate school for a liberal education. I realized then how I had been "raped" by my education at BYU. I learned the meaning of such words as intellectual integrity and primary source documents. I took a basic course on church history (the big church, not the so-called church) and I realized that the 18 hours of religious education I had participated in at BYU were very calculated brainwashing-as is done in other cults, yes Mr. Holland it is a cult. Before my graduation, I stood with my father and shook your hand at a reception--although supporting me he was never happy with my decision to attend BYU. The next day, I left my parents and my husband's parents outside the temple, so we could participate in another "cult" activity. When my father passed away, my aunt said the greatest pain he had was never seeing any of his children married. I raised a large family in the church, if held every position, I taught for CES, then I learned to think again, once someone does that it is only a matter of time and you must practice "intellectual integrity" and say "as for me and my house, we will never again be deceived." Yes, Mr. Holland...I take this personally, I went to an institution of higher learning at an age when most are taught by those older and wiser to question, to think, to weigh things out and I was indoctrinated. Now, as a grandmother I must listen to you rant about "crawling over and under the Book of Mormon" and about how smart you are because you read a few books...we rode in an elevator together once, I am afraid, should we meet again, my conversation would not be so cordial. Thank goodness for the Mr. Sweeny's of the world who hold you to a higher standard. It amazing what a great, big wonderful world opens up, when you have the humility to say, "I made a mistake." I hope you find this peace in your own life.

  44. Please allow me to meet with you as well Elder Holland. I was a member for 60 years. I raised my five children in the church. My mother faithfully raised her five children in the church as well. I cannot express in words the pain and suffering we went through as a family when we discovered the true history of our church. Multiple first visions stories with Brigham Young, Heber C Kimball & John Taylor not even knowing the first vision story as taught by the church. The stone in the hat used for translation. The sealing of other men's wives to Joseph Smith. He's supposed to marry virgins but marries anyone he can get his hands on including other apostles wives. He's a general, a mayor, editor of a paper, tries to become president. Boasts in his own accomplishments while marching people from state to state as he sets up a kingdom of God under his dominion and leadership. How is it that a prophet of God can lie to his wife & membership repeatedly? How can a prophet of God be prepared to restore a church by first practicing occult like practices? Yes Brother Holland I would love to meet with you and discuss these things. I would like to know how you personally justify the true history that is kept hidden from our lesson manuals, pictures and video's. I'm assuming that when we meet I won't hear that our racism was a fleck in history, let's move on. No more excuses for false doctrine by Joseph, Brigham Young and others. Yes, we did oaths & penalties in the temple when I attended. When you have to say them out loud to others you realize how ungodly they were. Who do you stand with Brother Holland the teachings of Joseph Smith or the teachings of Christ? I've read the words of our own prophets and have come to the conclusion that their views on monogamy, skin colour & the bible are wrong. I don't consider myself a doo doo either.

  45. Patiently waitingApril 22, 2012 at 1:28 AM

    Mr. Holland, I too would like to meet with you. I feel like you owe us all an apology and a bit of your time. After all, we have given you so much our ours. I don't live in Utah but I will make the trip if it means getting to meet with you and your counselors.

  46. I think this is beautiful and I am proud of everyone who is a ex-Mormon stepping up to the plate about these concerns. This is happening for a reason. This has happened for centuries, when things are meant to be heard from a multitude of strong, honest individuals seeking the good intent within us all as a human race, it is something really important, and nothing to be ignored about.

  47. Mr. Holland,
    Please tell your members to respect those who leave the church.
    After serving four years in the military, I returned home and attended a singles ward near my parent's home. Many of the female members and some of the male members would have nothing to do with me after learning I never served a mission. I faithfully attended church for three years, and did everything my bishop asked in order to gain a testimony, and after that time I came to the conclusion that the Mormon church is not true.
    Holding no animosity to members of the church, I announced to a few friends that I had made the decision to leave the church. Every member of that singles ward will no longer talk to me, including those few who I considered to be my close friends.
    There is no place in the Mormon church for a young man who chooses not to go on a mission There is a clear prejudice against those who leave the church, and a belief that they must have "done something wrong". I am not a bad person, I just don't believe that the Mormon church is true.

  48. Elder Holland, I'm ready to meet. Basically I'd like to get some official answers on the Kinderhook Plates, Book of Abraham, Mason ceremonies plagiarism allegations, Adam-God, Mountain Meadow Massacre, why the Mountain Meadow Massacre site is still under church management instead of NPS management (and the church takes terrible care of the site), pre-1852 polygamy, post-1890 polygamy, status of the Lamanites, official guidance regarding the issues that linguists, anthropologists, archaelogists, and geneticists raise about the Lamanite civilization, and most importantly of all - why has it taken a church that prides itself on continuing revelation and the need for living prophets taken so long for the leaders to honestly and sincerely address as truthfully as possible the most difficult issues (pretty much the ones I've listed here) that have caused thousands of formerly strong LDS members to abandon the church. I personally know over a dozen former Bishops and 2 former Mission Presidents who left over these issues and I myself spent 4 years in my late 20's as a Counselor to a Bishop or Branch President before I discovered these issues and became disaffected directly as a result of no official specific guidance on these issues from the Brethren. My name is Alex Degaston of South Jordan, Utah.

  49. I am ready Mr. Holland. Let's Bring on the opus and share the truth. I am Learning more about spirituality and myself through New Thought and Science of Mind than I ever did as a True Blue Dyed Through and Through Mormon. I did "the right thing" for 25 years of my life and had major cognitive dissonance. I have taken no offense towards anyone in the LDS faith, but the Truth of what is and what was. Let's talk about the double speak. Lets talk about the contradictions in LDS Scripture. Lets talk about the truth of humanity and the TRUTH of spirit. NOT the SPIRIT that Christianity tries to squelch, the TRUTH of TRUE SPIRIT. Bring it on, you have Thousands of former believers that, like myself, have read, internalized and understood LDS Scripture and teachings, we will not disappoint that we know our stuff. I look forward to speaking to you. So you know that I am no joke, look at my personal endowment session date, and see that I am Sam. -- David Kieffer

  50. Mr. Holland,

    I would appreciate your acknowledgement of the sacrifices I have made for the church far exceeded any compensation in this world or the next.
    I was a faithful, obedient, full-tithe paying member my entire life,served an honorable mission, married an RM in the temple and stayed at home raising his 5 kids and supporting him through law school. When he went through the ranks of Elders Q Pres, and eventually a member of the Bishopric, I discovered he was cheating on me not only sexually but financially. He wasn't excommunicated for a year because the Bishop refused to believe me and called me "crazy" and told me to go home, love him more, then quoted the "Pina Colada Song."
    When he finally got ex'd, the entire ward and Bishopric dumped me and my kids, the Bishop refused to help me because he "Didn't want to get involved."
    Had I saved all of the money I spent my entire life instead of pouring it into the church which turned around and bought a $2 Billion Mall, I could have paid off attorney fees, taken care of my children and paid for my education.
    I feel ripped off. I want my money back so I can feed and properly clothe my kids. I wrongly assumed if I was faithful and paid my tithes and offerings, I would be taken care of, at least by the church I gave everything to.

    On top of that pain, I hear my ex plans on getting rebaptized and marrying his new girlfriend in the temple. I asked for a temple sealing cancellation from him to which the Bishop and Stake President replied "No".
    Something is wrong here.

    My only option is to remove my name from the records to keep my sanity. Even my LDS Social Services Therapist admits that I can never heal unless I am unsealed from that man and that it's an abuse of power in the church. I cannot imagine The Savior approving of this as sanctioned from Him.

    I watched your interview with the BBC. Having seen you put the members to such high standards regarding their testimony of the church and BoM which I defended for years even with physical threats on my mission, I was embarrassed to see you so unsure of your own testimony when a reporter confronted you with legitimate facts. But then again, I was ignorant and didn't know any better. Maybe you have read a few more "books" than I did and know the real history of the church and not the one you and the brethren force the naive missionaries to study and tell the world. You hide behind your members.
    I am not angry, but am extremely disappointed. I cannot afford to even shop in the mall I helped to build with my "Widow's Mite."
    I believe I will not be standing at the judgement bar of God defending myself against the BofM, but you will be standing defending yourself before Jesus Christ on how you managed sacred offerings you took from people like myself in His name. Just so you know, I plan on forgiving you.

  51. Last year I entreated the exmo foundation to get nationwide attention by rallying a meeting with the prophet and apostles.

    I want to see this happen!
    They can lie on interviews and lie in general conference meetings but I'd like to see them pull that off in the face of exmormons who call them on their lies.

  52. Elder Holland --- I am ready. It is time to open up a discourse about the Church and it's policies towards former members.

  53. I have only one simple request. Please, have the decency to recognize my civil divorce from my ex-husband by giving me a temple divorce. I am married to a non-member husband who is the love of my life, and we are expecting a child. By your church's doctrine, our child will be born in the covenant under the sealing to my first husband. He is already remarried and sealed to his new wife - I suppose by Church doctrine she would be my polygamous sister-wife in the eternities. I don't want any explanations about how God will sort it out in the next life. I want the LDS Church to do the right thing, here and now, by cancelling my sealing to my ex-husband. I have heard all the explanations about how I should remain sealed in order to retain the sealing blessing, and that it doesn't necessarily matter who I am sealed to. I notice that no one ever mentions to young couples when they are first married in the temple that it doesn't matter who they are getting sealed to. So much for the idea of eternal families.
    All I ask is that the Church show respect for my current family by recognizing my divorce as final. It's only the right thing to do. I hope you still believe in doing the right thing.

  54. I would love the opportunity to meet with any of the Mormon Church officials. I was a Mormon for 20 years. Mormonism caused many damages in my life and that of my families lives. Praise God we have been Free in Christ for 9 years! Our family is doing so well now! I have a ministry for Mormons coming out of the church. They are lost and confused after experiencing so many lies. I am so grateful that with the internet many of the deceptions of the Mormon Church are coming to light! As people move past their fear to investigate they are shocked at all they did not know! I was directly lied to either knowingly or not while I was a member. If you are leaving the church and are struggling with your identity, who God really is, and confused please contact me, I would love to hear from you. My book Loved into the Light will help tremendously. There is a study that will be starting in the fall. Facilitators everywhere and coming forward to help those in transition.
    La Vonne Earl

  55. I'm a 7th Generation Mormon.. now Ex-mormon for 4 years. Former Bishopric, full time missionary, temple married. .. etc etc. I sacrificed my marriage for what I believe to be the truth Elder Holland... Can you say the same? Are you a man of your word? Unfortunately.. I doubt it. Candidly, I believe you have a testimony.. but deep down you are a coward.

    Which is why your church will continue to dwindle away.

  56. Brother Holland; As an Ex-mormon, I will go to great lengths to attend your proposed meeting, provided it's entirely public from beginning to end, no questions are vetted, and the LDS responses to all issues are authoritative LDS positions from a recognized leader.

    My life decisions were based on Mormon teachings and the belief that it is "the one and only true church", that "Joseph Smith was a prophet of God", that the current president of the church is a "living prophet", that Mormonism is Christ's own gospel, restored by God Himself in visions to JS, and much more.

    Therefore, I would be especially interested in hearing you address 2 points:

    --With its unique abundance of God's truth, why does the LDS church so frequently "correct" and alter His truths and Holy Scriptures to align with contemporary trends? (blacks, gays, temple rituals, women, marriage, child-bearing, etc., etc.)

    --If restitution is key to forgiveness and the Plan of Salvation, how does the LDS church plan on restoring the damage and undoing the suffering for which Mormon doctrine and leadership is responsible? Is a public apology sufficient or does the church have a more comprehensive plan?

    I look forward to your answer.

  57. A former Member of 40 years of giving to the Church. Then I learned the Church was not being honest with me, and was quite blatantly lying to me and only telling me half-truths, and in some cases white-washed lies all together.

    Mr. Holland, I would be the first to attend your "meeting with prior Mormons" should you have the guts to actually meet with us.

    My intuition tells me that you won't. Why would you, since you are so good already at lying to your people. Why would you begin to follow through on things now?